One Magical Music Video at the Orlando Films Festival 2017

Let's go back in time to early 2016, when Magic Haus Films made a music video giveaway in Orlando and the local gypsy band The Getbye was selected as one of the winners. After a meeting with the musicians to discuss the concept of the music video for the song "Ratatat," producer/director Valeska Freire started her filmmaking magic and begun the production of the following music video.

The filming process took two full days and was incredibly fun. The setting was all over Orlando city, including some city landmarks such as Lake Eola, Downtown Orlando and Colonial Drive. The narrative of the video shows a Gypsy Man played by "Vincent Leverenz," who chases a few business men around the city and throws a magic powder at them, who then makes them "The Getbye." Later on September 2016 the music video was released on Youtube and was very successful and celebrated among the band's fan community.

Cinematographer Balazs Gercsak during the making of Ratatat

Now let's come back to 2017. It was during a film trip that we learned that our music video "Ratatat" was part of the official selection of the Orlando Film Festival. Our happiness was beyond and we were incredibly excited to be part of this terrific film event.

The Orlando Film Festival's mission is to support and promote the arts in Downtown Orlando through the medium of film. It seeks to inspire filmmakers and enhance the movie viewing experience in Downtown Orlando through creative, unique and entertaining events.

Ratatat played on the music video segment of the festival on Friday October 20th, and seeing it on the big screen was very exciting. Other fantastic music videos worth checking out that played on this section are "Ain't going nowhere” by Kais and and "You’ll Never Know" by Miles Evan Windsor.

The audience not only was able to enjoy this incredible screening but also got an immersive experience with a Q&A with the film directors, whom had the opportunity to share their experiences with their supporters and the film lovers in the crowd.

Magic Haus Films' producer/director Valeska Freire and other filmmakers in the Q&A

Named one of the top25 Coolest Film Festivals in the World” by Moviemaker Magazine, this year the festival exceeded all expectations and proved itself to be one of the best art supporting events in Florida. The red carpet, the panels, the screenings and the after parties were beyond fun, and the Orlando Film Festival 2017 experience was one to never forget.

To learn more about the filmmaking of "Ratatat" check out this post.

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