Orlando Video MeetUp: How to Start a Production Company

Are you familiar with the "Orlando Video MeetUp"? It is a Film Production themed monthly meeting organized by the Video Studio at the Melrose Center located on the second floor of the Orlando Public Library. On these meetings, the Melrose Center aims to guide the community to resources for producing film projects, and invites their guests to discover the awesome film producers on them! They create an opportunity for people to network with experienced video producers, writers, directors and editors.

Last month's MeetUp theme was "How to Start a Production Company" and the invited filmmaker was Magic Haus Films' founder Valeska Freire, whom shared her experience and entrepreneurship knowledge with a beautiful crowd of about 35 attendees.

The event happened on October 18th, 2017 at 5:30 pm at the beautiful The Dorothy Lumley Melrose Center and was hosted by Anthony Torres. It was a night filled with great Q&A participation and a very fun networking time. Valeska's talk was supported by a very informative Prezi presentation that can be found here.

Magic Haus Films would like to thank Tori Abram-Copenhaver and the Melrose Center for inviting us to host this event.

Photos by Melrose Center.

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