Here’s Why Moonlight should be Praised in the Film Industry

There are far more struggles in America today than one should have to deal with. Some can be helped, and some cannot. This is why Moonlight hit a homerun when it won Best Picture, Best Supporting Actor, and Best Writing Adapted Screenplay at this year’s Oscars.

Moonlight hits home for a multitude of reasons, especially because it’s native to Florida. It took the film industry by storm, simply because of its storyline, low-budget, and incredible choice of actors. Chiron, a young black man growing up in Miami, Florida, is gay and growing up in the 80s. He’s being made fun of by his classmates and he doesn’t even know what gay is. This was most definitely a struggle, but the support and love of his community help raise him.

The movie’s story is astounding in its own right, but the box office numbers are even more incredible:

  • Production budget: $1,500,000

  • Worldwide box office earnings: $28,440,031 (as of 3/4/2017)

Low-budget films generate huge incomes quite often. In 2007, Paranormal Activity had a budget of $15,000 and raked in a whopping $193.4 million.

What we’re blown away by is the fact that Moonlight won not one, two, but three Oscars. Today’s society is certainly a work-in-progress, and with the conservative political propaganda that’s been erupting here in America, Moonlight winning three Oscars was nothing short of astounding.

It is without a doubt that Moonlight has set the bar high for filmmakers all around the globe. Friends, family, and fellow filmmakers of Magic Haus Films have specifically been inspired by this film. Most movies are shot in Los Angeles, Atlanta, or New York. Seeing a native Florida film go as far as winning three Oscars in today’s society is sincerely noteworthy. Lastly, its intimate, compelling, and breathtaking cast and storyline are exactly what make this a must-see film for any aspiring filmmaker. Combined with the cast and storyline, the enthralling cinematography took this film to the moon and back.

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