4 Wedding Planning Tips from Magic Haus Films

The stress of planning a wedding is real. Phone calls non-stop, invites to loved ones need to be sent out, and the flowers haven’t even been thought about. To help ease some of that planning stress, we’ve compiled four things to keep in mind and ask when consulting with your videographer and photographer.

1. Communication. If you want the absolute best video for your wedding, then communication is going to be your best friend. Most videographers include a consultation prior to your wedding, and this is very important. Come prepared with you’d like to tell them. If it helps, make a list and bring that to your consultation. This leads to our next point: the shot list.

2. Shot list. This ties into our previous point, communication. If you have a specific vision in your mind, then be sure to let your videographer aware of that. If you do not let your videographer know of your vision, then they’re going to go with their style (think of your wedding’s color theme, too). Chances are, though, that you’ve hired them because you love their style. However, it’s still good to let them aware of any specific shots that you’d like. As they say, “Speak now or forever hold your peace.”

3. Photographer, videographer, and wedding planner communication. Just like you and your videographer’s communication, the communication between your photographer and videographer is also vital. This is important because you don’t want them to get in each other’s way. For example, it wouldn’t be good if you were about to exchange vows, and the photographer’s using his flash while the videographer is filming. Have them work together; they’ll know what’s best and how to best accommodate. Lastly, keep in mind that you’re using them throughout your wedding. Knowing this will allow you to take things slowly so the videographer and photographer can capture the perfect moment. And you can enjoy that beautiful moment just a little bit longer.

4. Schedule. Again, this comes back to the point of putting the photographer, videographer, and wedding planner into contact so they can communicate. Your videographer needs to know when and where to be at specific times. When consulting with them, provide them a list of what you have in mind (family pictures 10 am, reception 1 pm, etc). It’s alright if you don’t have an exact schedule, just be sure to keep them in the loop. Finally, it’s vital that you update them of any changes on wedding day. They want/need to be in the right place at the right time, but can’t if they’re not updated when things change.

Considering these topics is crucial if you want the highest-quality video and photography on your special day. Magic Haus Films is aware of all of these points, and we’ll ensure that you receive the best video and photography service during your wedding. Contact us to begin making magic.


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