Filming the Meehle & Jay Promo Video

Suzanne Meehle and Davey Jay

You can surely tell by the image above that Suzanne and Davey were an absolute blast to work with. The Magic Haus Films crew spent the entire day at Meehle & Jay’s beautiful office (which used to be an old farmhouse) filming a promotional video for their law firm. At the end of the day, Magic Haus Films left with tons of great footage and smiles on their faces. They knew they did the copyRIGHT thing.

The day began at 9AM at the Meehle & Jay office (pictured below) in Altamonte Springs, Florida. Balazs and Valeska began filming outside to capture some footage of the beautiful, 1800s-built office. They hoped for a beautiful sunny day, but the cloudy overcast complemented the office perfectly.

Valeska and Balazs getting outside shots of the office

The beautiful Meehle & Jay office

When Balazs and Valeska finished capturing some B-roll footage of the office outside, the entire Magic Haus Films crew went inside to get setup and start filming with Suzanne Meehle. They were warmly greeted by Candy, “the most amazing paralegal EVER.” She spent countless hours a few days leading up to the Magic Haus Films crew coming in to get the office space organized, decorated, and perfected for the video. Candy, you rock! The crew set-up the lighting, audio, and camera in Suzanne’s office. Lights, camera, action!

The crew headed over to Davey’s office upon finishing Suzanne’s interview and dismantled Davey’s office to make room for the film equipment. This was required to ensure the highest quality video. They put her office back together. Don’t worry! They wouldn’t do that to their friend Davey. Davey’s office was a tad more difficult to film in because of how her desk was set up in accordance with the windows.

To wrap up the video, the Magic Haus Films crew, Davey, and Suzanne headed downstairs to the entrance of the office to capture some “power shots,” as Valeska calls them. To some, these shots look like superhero shots, which is definitely not a bad thing! To Magic Haus Films, Suzanne and Davey are superheroes.

Suzanne and Davey

The Magic Haus Films team worked tirelessly that day to achieve the highest quality possible video for Meehle & Jay’s law firm. If you need a video for your company, brand, social media, or website, please contact Magic Haus Films to get your project started.

Left to right: Balazs, Jhon, Candy, Davey, Suzanne, Valeska, Lennon, Marco

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