2017: Still not passing the Bechdel test

There was a lot of controversy surround last year’s Oscars with their lack of diversity. This year, however, they have diversified their nominations list. One problem that continues to plague not only the Oscars but Hollywood in general is the lack of women, whether as actors, directors, etc. When it comes to movie plots and stories, women are often an afterthought. By just analyzing the Oscar nominees for “Best Picture” with the Bechdel test that is evidently clear. The Bechdel Test has 4 components to it: 2 female characters, the characters must be named, the characters must talk to each other within the film, and their conversations cannot be about men. Out of the 9 films nominated, only 2 of them pass the test.

The first film to pass is “Arrival.” Starring Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner, and Forest Whitaker, “Arrival” had two female characters. They were a mother and daughter. It passed the test but the daughter was only named towards the end of the film. The second film to pass the test was “Hidden Figures.” This movie is the embodiment of the strength of women and what they can contribute to society.

The lack of substantial roles for women in the films in Hollywood is something that needs to change. Women are important enough to name and they can offer more to a story than their commentary on the men in the film. Women have so much potential in films and they should not be used as props. Hollywood needs to give women a fair chance to make an impact on the industry. Hopefully things at the Oscars next year will be different.

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