Who's Badd Music Video

L, who recently released an album entitled “It’s All Love,” contacted Magic Haus Films with her vision for a music video for her song “Who’s Badd.” The song details her experience with someone trying to steal her style and look, so she wanted to incorporate this idea in the music video. She brought up the idea to Valeska Freire, who directed and produced the video. One idea that really stuck out to Valeska and the Magic Haus Films team was the “inverse triangle.” It symbolizes femininity, power, and independence. L incorporates and signifies the use of a rose throughout her content, including music. The rose is her signature; it symbolizes her persona, which is extremely apparent throughout her social media. Valeska and the Magic Haus Films team, which consisted of Jhon, Rafael, and Balazs, valued the idea and worked closely with L and her team to make magic with “Who’s Badd.”

As aforementioned, L utilizes symbols that heavily tie into who she is and her persona. To further L’s lively, bright, and inspiring personality, she makes use of filters throughout her social media. This enhances and furthers her image and personality.

The music video was shot in one day on December 7th, 2016 over a period of eight hours. It was shot exclusively in the Magic Studio. The Magic Haus Films team utilized a green and black screen and a video projector to project certain images on her.

The overall vibe on set was very positive throughout this process. L was especially lovely to work with. She was constantly smiling and she kept everyone’s spirits high.

During the shoot, everyone was in their zone. Rafael, who was one of the crew members on set, bent down to grab some sandbags and discovered very quickly that he should’ve worn a belt. His pants fell right down to the ground! A silence broke out, and then pure laughter emanated.

Produced and directed by Valeska Freire, cinematography by Balazs Gercsak, grip and electric by Rafael Molina, and Jhon Freire was the production manager. Also, actress Jamee Givens was also a star of the music video.


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