Behind the Scenes of the Magic Haus Films Company Holiday Video

What started out as an idea to do the mannequin challenge turned into something much greater. Instead of following the trend, we here at Magic Haus Films wanted to do something different. After putting all our creative heads together, we decided that a video of us singing along to a holiday classic would not only be enjoyable to watch but also enjoyable to participate in. The funny part is that none of us knew the lyrics to “Jingle Bell Rock” by Bobby Helms but that made it that much more fun. We also threw on insane holiday sweaters, which made it visually appealing but it did make it a very hot shoot. The filming itself only took about 3 hours. It was a simple process altogether. We filmed the entire video in the Magic Haus Films studio against a black screen.

There were 5 total people involved in the company holiday video: Valeska Freire, Fabiola Freire, Jhon Freire, Balazs Gercsak, and Rafael Molina. Each person brought something different to the video. Valeska was the brain behind the singing and the dancing. The rest of the group was quite apprehensive about making a fool of themselves in front of the camera but once the film was rolling all the nervousness was gone out the window. It became a struggle to get everyone to stop once we yelled “cut”. There was also a lot of improv throughout the video. Anytime you see someone in the background during someone else’s shot, it was not planned. The vibe on set was so positive and carefree.

After Rafael finished editing the video, you can see how Fabiola somewhat saved the day when it came to knowing the most lyrics outside of the chorus of the song. You can also see how Balazs gave up when it came to lip syncing the words and just enjoyed dancing around. There wasn’t one camera person. Everyone rotated positions and kept the teamwork flowing.

We hope that you enjoy the video as much as we enjoyed creating it! Happy Holidays from everyone at Magic Haus Films!

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