Stepping into the Unknown of a Film Set - Amanda and the Easter Bunny

Behind the scenes of "Amanda and the Easter Bunny"

With no film experience, I did not know what to expect once I was told that I would be able to help out on the set of the indie film, Amanda and the Easter Bunny, which is a family-centered film depicting the heart-warming adventure of young girl (Karrigan Powers) who goes through many ordeals in order to help her family during a difficult time. If I was going off what I have seen online about movie sets, I would think the environment would be quite stressful with many bickering voices and differing opinions. I constantly hear horror stories from other people being on set with actors who have diva tendencies and directors who do not let anyone else have a say into the filming process. Thankfully, what I experienced from being on set of Amanda and the Easter Bunny was far from the nightmare I’ve heard about before.

Filming took place over two weekends in two major locations. The first weekend was spent at a house in a neighborhood nearby Downtown Orlando. It was a humble home with nothing too extravagant. The second weekend of filming took place in the woods of Bill Frederick Park on Turkey Lake. I did not know exactly what I would be doing on set but I had an idea that it would revolve around behind the scenes content. The first person I encountered was the make-up artist, Jennifer Bliss, who by the end of the process became one of my favorite people on set. She’s an extremely talented woman who not only did everyone’s makeup on set, but she also gave some creative opinions for the film itself.

Jennifer Bliss

Jennifer Bliss - Makeup Artist Karrigan Powers - "Amanda"

Speaking of participating in the creative process, one aspect of being around this particular film crew, which consisted of about six people, that I loved was that anyone could put their two cents in. Everyone was encouraged to give their opinions. There was not a fear that you would be immediately shut down or ridiculed. It was an open process that every crew member could participate in. Since I had no prior experience in the film industry, I was constantly encouraged to ask questions so my knowledge on the subject could grow. I was told by many members of the crew to ask as many questions as I would like, no matter how “stupid” I thought the questions may be.

Balazs Gercsak - Cinematographer

The other intern, Josh, and myself were responsible for taking behind the scenes videos and photos. That in itself was an amazing experience. I got to be a fly on the wall and just take everything in. At one point during the second weekend of filming, I also got to help read lines. Out of the many incredible experiences I was able to partake in, two moments stick out in my mind the most. Interacting with the actors is something that I will never forget. All of them were so gracious and kind, it blew my mind. As I stated earlier, I always believe that actors were hard to work with and demanding but that was not the case at all. The two actors that played the plumbers, were especially incredible. They constantly made everyone laugh and kept the vibe on set fun. The second aspect of this experience that I loved the most occurred during the last day of filming. I was tasked with taking professional photos of the actors in different locations around the set. Photography has always been a love of mine and it was enjoyable to be able to do it outside of taking behind the scenes pictures.

Dev Michael and Dennis Williams - "The Plumbers"

All of the apprehension that I felt before partaking in this experience immediately went away the second I stepped foot on set. Everyone I worked with filled the atmosphere with insane amounts of creativity and talent. It opened my eyes to the film industry and showed me some of its greatest aspects. I gained an appreciation for the film process that I never had before. I cannot wait to see Amanda and the Easter Bunny to see the finished product that all of these talented people created.

Directed by Valeska Freire and Produced by Magic Haus Films and New Kingdom Pirctures, "Amanda and the Easter Bunny" is currently in post-production stage. To learn more about the film and its process, like AEB's Facebook page.

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