Ratatat - Music Video

Magic Haus Films conducted a video production giveaway earlier this year through their social media platforms. There were three winners chosen from Instagram to receive the grand prize of a full service video production. The Getbye, a local band from Orlando, was one the three awarded.

The idea for the music video titled “Ratatat” started out at the Magic Haus Films office with the director Valeska Freire sitting down and collaborating with the band The Getbye. They put their artistic minds together to create a transformation of how the band went from suits and ties to fun and freedom. This is exactly what happened to the band when they found their true calling… Music..

“Ratatat” was shot in Downtown Orlando as well as outside of Magic Haus Films’ studio over two days. The adventure starts with the blowing of gypsy dust all over the band while they are in their corporate routine. The music video was shot not only in Downtown Orlando, but throughout the city as well. We see the band members strolling on Colonial Drive and one of them also pops up at Lake Eola. The use of the landmarks in Orlando gives the music video the lively emotion to go along with the music. At the end we see an aerial shot of the band playing on the roof showing the band in their natural habitat.

Produced and directed by Valeska Freire, cinematography by Balazs Gercsak and production design by Raysa Sánchez. Other than the band members, the video also stared Vincent Laverenz, who played the gypsy man.

You can find the IMDb credit list for the music video here: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt5901938/?ref_=nm_knf_t1.

Check out the video below. Enjoy!

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