Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to the most common questions we get about

Magic Haus Films and its services. 



Do your video packages include raw footage?

No. None of our video packages include the raw footage but you can always purchase it at an additional price. This price varies depending on the project type. If you wish to have the raw footage delivered with your main project, make sure to communicate it to the filmmaker you will work with before the filming day so that it can be added to your service and invoice.


How do you deliver the completed video projects?

We offer both digital and physical project delivery.


  • Digital Delivery: We will send you a link to a file or group of files via Google Drive or Dropbox. You have to download the file(s) and confirm that you did so. The files will only be available on the online link for seven (7) days and after that, they will be completely erased. It is very important that you make sure to download your files correctly and store them in a safe disk or computer if not, you run the risk of losing all your project data. Additional project uploads will incur an additional fee of $50 dollars.


  • Physical Delivery: You will be given a digital project file(s) on a complimentary flash drive, DVD or BluRay. If you choose a physical delivery, make sure to communicate with your filmmaker which ones your preferred delivery device. If you chose this delivery method you will have to go in person to Magic Haus Films to pick it up or pay for the postage fee if you want it sent by mail.


Do you travel to other cities in Florida to do film shoots?

Yes, we tend to travel through the whole Central Florida area on a regular basis and we can also travel to other cities within the state for a small traveling fee that will cover transportation expenses. This transportation fee will depend on the location distance and the nature of it.


Do you have a film or photography studio?

We have access to a dozen film studios through the Central Florida area. We constantly work with these studios to film different projects, including ones with full Chroma key screens and seamless white backgrounds. Just let us know if you need your project to be filmed in a studio and we will make it happen!


Do you work with clients from other US states?

Yes. We gladly work with clients based in other US states, both with companies and individuals. We currently have clients based in New York, Texas, Minnesota, Washington and Puerto Rico, and we seek to keep servicing clients from all other states.


Do you work with international clients?

Yes. We gladly work with international clients, both with companies and individuals. We currently have clients based in England, Israel, Netherlands, Venezuela, Portugal, and the Cayman Islands, and we seek to keep expanding the nationalities of our client portfolio.


Does Magic Haus Films film Content for TV and documentaries?

Yes, we do film content for third party TV shows, films, and documentaries. For this kind of projects, we can both edit the content or just deliver the raw footage. These types of projects usually fall under a non-disclosure agreement and are kept secret from the public or not added to Magic Haus Films’ advertisement.


Do you produce films and documentaries?

Yes! Aside from videos for marketing, events, music videos and weddings we work on narrative film projects. That’s exactly what we love doing at Magic Haus Films. Just inquire about it.


Do you have production insurance?

Yes, we have production insurance and we can provide our clients with an insurance certificate per each film shoot. If you need a certificate for your project, just ask us for it.


Do you offer Internships?

Yes, we do have a social media marketing internship program. All the information about it can be found here.


Do you offer a military discount?

Yes, we do offer a 10% off discount for clients that are veterans or currently serving in the military.


Do you offer photography services?

Yes, photography is one of our main services. We do events, wedding and editorial photography. Check out our photography page here.


I can’t find a package that fits the video or photography service that I want. Do you offer custom packages?

Yes, we can customize a service package for your project. We will design a service package that fits your project’s needs and budget.


Can I book a last minute video or photography service?

Yes, we can work on projects and events on a last minute call. Just make sure send us an email to check the availability.



Can't find the answer you are looking for? Just send us an email at and we would get back to you as soon as we can.