The Company


Magic Haus Films is an artistically driven company that offers full video production service and advertisement solutions. Since there is a growing demand for high-quality videos in advertising and entertainment media, Magic Haus Films provides 

excellent audiovisual material and unique content that creates beautiful memories, stands out 

from the competition and delivers great results.


Magic Haus Films offers its customers cutting-edge and high-quality video and digital media creation services. This is achieved by using the latest audiovisual technology, a highly creative working environment, experienced film production practices, and an excellent and

hard work ethic. We also offer our clients the cost-efficient production of a full

range of video related services including pre-production consulting, production, post-production editing, and video placement.





With our service, we seek to develop the most creative and innovative films and related products in Orlando. Magic Haus Films is morally and ethically committed to producing only positive and responsible content.





The vision of Magic Haus Films is to be one of Central Florida’s leading producers and providers of video advertisement solutions and entertainment media. 

Valeska Freire

Magic Haus Films Founder and Film Producer




Valeska is a filmmaker and visual artist. She is the founder of Magic Haus Films and the force behind each project. She feels inspired by the power of moving images and classic film. Valeska feels motivated to tell stories that inspire, raise questions and touch hearts.


At Magic Haus Films she is the person in charge of bringing each film or video to life. From planning and execution to post-production and delivery, she oversees, directs and guides every project to success and efficiency. Valeska has a Master of Fine Arts in Film production from Full Sail University and a Bachelor of Fine Arts from TUFTS University and SMFA.